Feb 14

Meet Madrigal

MadrigalMadrigal the wise: He is the wise man of the village, the Grand Patron. He is very old, nobody knows his real age and he would not tell anyone. By the porch of his house there is a bench where he is most of the time seen reading a book. Inside his house looks like a library!

Being a very vast reader, he is quite knowledgeable about a large number of things. Due to his age, he also knows a good number of things that the younger beavers do not know. He knows a lot of history about their village, their friends and enemies. Whenever an answer to a difficult question eludes everyone else in the village, he is the one that the villagers run to for answers.

He always sits in a funny posture, heads in shoulders and dressed in an old blue flowing robe. His nails are long and he has a prominent nose. He does not walk around much due to his old age.

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